Touch & Massage
I am all about supporting the development of a happy and healthy sex life, yet trying to achieve this in a classroom, watching a TV talkshow, reading a magazine, or on a therapist’s couch is not always successful. Sometimes, gaining a greater sensual satisfaction has to be a hands-on experience, and often it begins with the simple ability to receive pleasurable touch. With 18 years of massage and erotic body work experience, as well as my sexology education, part of my private practice offers touch experiences that highlight your capacity to absorb and maximize sensual pleasure.

I am trained in the following techniques:
Sphincter Relaxation
Prostate Massage

Sexuality Tune-ups & Fine-Tuning
Here’s an analogy: When it comes to car maintenance, I could wait until my automobile breaks down on the side of the road and I must focus all my attention on the dire crisis to fix it. But my options would certainly be limited in that scenario and the stress would be high. I would much prefer to have my car serviced on a regular basis so that, for the most part, I can avoid breaking down in the first place.

Guess what? Whether it seems your sexuality has long since stalled out, or you would simply like to fine tune some skills, I am professionally trained to help you in whatever your circumstance.

Individual work usually is two fold: First is your specific concerns as we address exactly what you would like to focus on. I can customize an experience to your specific needs and areas of interest. Second, as your very own Pleasure Guide, I will function somewhat like a physical trainer. If over a set of six to eight sessions we can move your sexuality in a healthy direction, it may alleviate any issues or concerns you may of had in the first place.

If we were to work together over a period of time, there will be homework! I like to suggest that if a person went to piano lessons all of there life but never went to home and practiced, they would in fact, have little skill at playing the piano. Sexuality works the same way. It will be my goal to give you the tools to generate your own sexual energy so that you can use what is learned in your everyday life.

Topics typically covered are:
Healthy body image
Developing a positive fantasy-life
Social skills
Creating intimacy
Your unique sexual personality
and more...

Photo Shoots as Esteem Building
As a person who has been in front of, and behind the camera, I have had the honor to use this medium as a tool to reduce a client’s “shyness,” while at the same time, strengthening their self-esteem. In the end, they get all the photos (usually used for exploring online social networks), and their positive body image has increased. Here’s some of my photos.

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"I have often thought about using a PRO for my online profile photos. I just never wanted to spend the money and was kind of affriad to get in front of a camera naked. I finally made the decision and called Jallen to have them done. I am so glad I did! His prices are very reasonable. He immediately made mede feel at ease and even sexy! I got some amazing shots that I have now posted. Wow! What a difference in the responses from when I just used the silly little photos I took in the mirror with my iphone."
- Montana in PS

"The photo shoot was an amazing experience. You made it possible for me to actually have fun in front of a camera. The process of viewing and selecting them has been equally revelatory. You do very good work which forced me to look at myself differently. I’m not just ordinary. I am an attractive man."
- Dale in SF